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How to choose a cat hammock Step 1: Weigh it! Cats vary in fatness and thinness, plus some families have more than one cat, so before you start picking one, make sure the hammock is load-bearing. If you buy a hammock just because it looks good, but the load weight is more than it can bear, it is not only prone to danger, but also greatly reduces the useful life, and it is inevitable that the cat will dislike it!

Step 2: Look at the type, hanging ring hammock, is a very versatile classic. The most common is to hang it under a chair or in a cat cage, as long as the four corners can be fixed and stabilized, it can be used anywhere! Plus it's easy to make and relatively inexpensive, recommended for families trying hammocks for the first time Oh~ Suction cup hammock, suitable for rooms with large sunlight or glass windows. This kind of hammock can best satisfy the curiosity of cats, especially when it is adsorbed on a glass window and observes the world outside the window while basking in the sun. Don't mention how happy it is~

Step 3: Choose the material, the most suitable hammock for winter, non-fleece material. It's soft and cozy, with a high degree of warmth, and can be placed in cold weather or rooms with cold air conditioning~ There are also corrugated cardboard hammocks, so you can rest while sharpening your paws!

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30+ new designs each month , innovative.

10 years experience in wooden pet business.

3 phases of QC including raw material arrival ; in-production and before shipment . quality is the key point for us.

Both ODM & OEM service.

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