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Edge compression strength is mainly used to study the compressive strength of corrugated board, which is almost the same as how much force can be used to flatten the corrugated board, and has little to do with the durability of cat scratching boards.

Breaking strength can be visualized as how much poking force the cardboard can withstand under certain circumstances, mainly related to the fiber length of the pulp as well as the fiber bonding force, the higher the fiber length and fiber bonding force, the greater the poking force it can withstand. Given that the cat's claws are meant to scratch the paper directly, it is also similar to applying a poking force on top of the paper, so the poking strength can be used as an indicator of the durability of the cat scratching board.

Corrugated cardboard is composed of corrugated core paper, the cat's claws scratch up more in the core paper and face paper, so we must also consider the performance of the core paper and face paper. It just so happens that there is an important parameter in the national standard of corrugated core paper - longitudinal breaking length, this parameter is a measure of resistance to the paper's ability to resist the external forces of stretching, and the pulp fiber length and bonding force are related.

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