Cat House


Whether people or pets want to have a house of their own.For cats, having a comfortable cat house is crucial; for cat owners, the cat's house should not only be comfortable but also match their own home style as much as possible.YOUME PET takes home style as the theme, and combines the characteristics of cats to design many modern cat house suitable for cats to live in. Since cats naturally like to scratch, we designed a cat house for indoor with a scratching board. Since cats like dark environments, we designed modern cat house with holes and cat toys to make cats more at ease during bedtime, and even if they can't fall asleep, they can play with toys; according to different seasons, we design cat house with different themes, and in the cold winter,In the cold winter, our products generally have plush pads to keep cats warm all winter.The furniture-style wooden cat house  makes cats better integrated into the family and feels the owner's care for them.

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