Dog Ramps


Dogs will also encounter the same problems as us humans in the process of growing up. For example, when they are young, they want to get on the sofa or bed, but they cannot get on the bed due to their own reasons,at this time, they need external force or tools to complete it; difficulty walking in old age and needing crutches for support. The same is true for dogs. It is inconvenient for dogs to climb when they are young, so they have to use some tools to complete them.When they are old, they are inconvenient to move and need to use tools to climb.Based on this, YOUME PET designed a dog ramp that is convenient for dogs to climb freely. In addition to the dog ramp, YOUME PET has added two additional functions on the original basis, which can not only sleep but also facilitate the dog to eat. Space saving. Since all the designs of YOUME PET are furniture-themed, the dog ramp and furniture can complement each other.

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